BoBella reached over 18,500 individuals throughout the state of Maryland to promote two campaigns and provide outreach materials for the Maryland Department of Health.


BoBella LLC provided creative design, materials development and distribution, and marketing outreach services for two campaigns with the Maryland Department of Health. BoBella was responsible for developing marketing materials that communicated a clear concise marketing message to the Maryland community.   BoBella recruited and coordinated volunteers who were responsible for distributing these marketing materials to 30 schools throughout the state to educate students on the key messaging of the campaign.  As well as, distributing the materials in 75 bars and restaurants throughout the state of Maryland. 


The volunteers working as part of BoBella’s team cultivated relationships with roughly 75 on-premise accounts, specifically 15 that were located in Montgomery County, MD. BoBella’s expertise on the project led to continued relationships with key accounts, volunteers, and independent contractors by professionally cultivating a memorable consumer experiences. Maintaining these relationships and demonstrating an extraordinary experience, produced furthering the relationships with these key accounts.



BoBella developed a marketing plan that would reach a wide audience of Maryland residents throughout the state. We managed the execution of the outreach events and marketing collateral delivery to 75 Maryland bars and restaurants. BoBella reached out to event organizers to establish relationships, identify partnership opportunities, and negotiate sponsorship details.


BoBella worked with the client to identify the best locations to reach the ideal target market for the outreach campaign.  


BoBella designed, edited, and printed marketing colleratal for the outreach campaign.  Items included stand-up banners, tablecloth, flyers, postcards, pens, PopSockets, notepads, tee-shirts, etc..


BoBella implemented one large event and two small events to promote the organizations marketing message and engage with the target market. Additionally BoBella delivered marketing materials to 75 restaurants, 30 schools, and 7 community centers by request.  In total the campagin touched over 18,000 Maryland residents.



BoBella communicated all event data and metrics to the Maryland Department of Health through calls and monthly reports. BoBella and provided an overall evaluation of event success and community feedback.

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